Saturday, January 6, 2007

GSD-10 and Pan F+

I was playing around last night with Pan F+ and took this picture with my Minolta XD-11/58mm f1.2. The camera I'm holding is Chadwick's Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor. These are the desperate measures of a night owl working while everyone is fast asleep. I scanned this one as a negative instead of as a positive, like I usually do, and it worked much better for me.

Film: Pan F+
EI: 50
Dilution: 1:5
Time: 6:30
Temp: 70F
Agitation: :10/1:00 (ten seconds every minute, aka Ilford)


Mike S. said...

Jay, read your response to my comments on the 510-P blog. And I saw this even before I read that answer, and wondered if this was a rotary processed example (given the 1:5 dilution) though the notes indicate something else.

That's about as much tonality as I've ever seen from Pan F, which has been one of my least favorite films just because of the incredible contrast and the truncated tonal range I've usually seen with it in my "normal" developers. I have a few rolls but I've stopped using it in favor of Delta 100 or TMX. Guess i'm gonna give it a try in GSD-10.

And fella, when do you sleep or work? Photography is a jealous mistress and a miserly employer.

jdef said...

Hi Mike.

The rotary processed negs are similar, but were developed only 6:00. None were very interesting, so I posted this one insead. Work, I get plenty of that, but sleep.....ahhh sleeeep....