Friday, January 5, 2007

Chadwick after a shower

This is a photo of my eldest son, Chadwick, and another of my youngest son, Leaf. This FP4+ is a lot more grainy than TMX or Acros.

Film: FP4+
EI: 160
Format: 35mm
Dilution 1:10
Time: 24:00
Temp: 70F
Agitation: Stand
Scan: Neg


Mike S. said...

Jay, you have a beautiful family. I imagine you've taken reams of photos of them. If they're like my kids, they are pretty sick of Dad's cameras in their faces--but one day they'll be glad. Your fellas look like photographic naturals on both sides of the camera.

Haven't tried GSD-10 yet--my processing is in a Jobo so it's not clear to me where it might fit into my workflow. (Kinda wondering about Delta 3200 at EI 1600 in GSD-10.) I've been working with 510-Pyro lately so I may post some comments/results over on that blog.

Great resources these blogs--thanks for going to the trouble.

jdef said...

Hi Mike.

Thanks for the kind words. My boys are very patient with me, and both are photographers in their own rights.

It's interesting that you should mention rotary processing. Last night I experimented with GSD-10 and rotary processing. I developed Pan F+ EI 50 in GSD-10 1:5 6:00/70F. I'll post an example when I have something scanned.

I expect Delta 3200 to very grainy, even at EI1600, and would probably use an EI of 6400 or higher. TMY at EI 1600 is grainy, but not bad.

I hope you're enjoying 510-Pyro. Thanks again for the kind words and encouragement.


Alejandro Martell said...

Hello i'm Alejandro Matell froma Spain i'm testing your GSD-10, i think is a very good developer, but i have some cuestions:

It's works well with designer grain films like Kodak, why not with films like Rollei Pan 25 and similar... what are de chemical reasons?

jdef said...

Hola, Alejandro,

GSD-10 was formulated to work with designer films, meaning I used those films in testing, and optimized the formula based on the results of that testing. However, there is no reason GSD-10 should not work equally well with traditional films, and perhaps even better. Ilford Pan F+ and FP4+ are traditional films and both perform very well with GSD-10. Thank you for posting here, and I hope you'll consider posting a few of your images with developing information. Feel free to contact me anytime at

Adios, mi amigo,


Alejandro Martell said...

Thanks,I think probably Rollei Pan 25 is not a good Choice, I have tried some film with good results for example TMAX 200ISO 30' without temperature control 21º or 22º excelent, more density than others developers and great definition I'll scan the Neg. of my daughter
and show it. What do you think about acutance of GSD-10 Vs Beutler for example?

jdef said...

Regarding acutance, I find GSD-10 comparable to Beutler's when used with similar agitation schemes, but GSD-10 works much better with stand development, and produces sharper negatives by that method. I look forward to seeing your scans. Thanks for sharing, and keep us posted.