Thursday, May 27, 2010

Juliet lakeside

Juliet at Lake Lowell

This is my sweet Juliet on a windy day at Lake Lowell. The light was soft and beautiful, and I had my trusty Minolta XD-11 loaded with Ilford Pan F+. Life is good!

Film: Ilford Pan F+
Format: 35mm
Developer: GSD-10
Dilution: 1:7.5
Time: 20:00
Temp: 70F
Agitation: Semi-Stand


Jim said...

Hi Jay,
You certainly are getting beautiful photos of your favorite subject with GSD-10 and Pan F+.
I have been trying out GSD-10 with an old emulsion type, Fortepan 200, and getting interesting results. I was playing around with full stand development with GSD-10 and found that with that film I was unable to do full stand development with GSD-10 and Fortepan 200. When there was a long black object, I got streaking below the object with full stand development 32 minutes, 70 degrees F. The tonality, acutance, small grain size, and ability to shoot at box speed is great but alas there were streaks. When I agitated half way though (16 min) I still had some streaking. However when I agitated at 9 minutes the streaking went away and I got very similar results in terms of acutance, grain size, and tonality compared to full stand 32min.. With the extra agitation I reduced the development time some to 27min for a final recipe of 1:10 27min 70F, 30 sec initial agitation, with 10 sec agitation at 1/3 and 2/3 of the development time.
So for this film with GSD-10 1:10, full stand does not appear to work. But adding a 10 sec agitation every 1/3 of the development time, rotating the tank a ¼ turn each inversion, eliminates the problem and produces great results.

jdef said...


Thank you so much for your valuable contributions to our small, but growing knowledge base for this developer. This is exactly the kind of information users need to get the best possible results from GSD-10. Thanks again, and please consider posting your excellent images as fine examples of both the problems you encountered, and how they were overcome.