Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Darkroom Cookbook, Third Edition

GSD-10 has been published in the third edition of The Darkroom Cookbook, by Steve Anchell, thanks to editor, Mark Booth. I'm honored to have my formula included in this indispensable darkroom reference book.


Mcrl said...


I just mixed my first liter of stock solution. Very eager to develop my first film.

Best, Marcel

jdef said...

Thank you, Marcel,

I've been using GSD-10 to develop films I've forgotten, and don't remember the type or conditions under which they were exposed. It's a very forgiving developer, and has rescued many negatives for me. I'm currently printing a set of 6x7 negatives made on Arista EDU 100 film and developed in GSD-10, and they are so easy to print! My stock solution is very old and brown, but still works. Enjoy, and please consider posting your images here.

Mcrl said...

Yesterday (march 28, 2010) I went out on a very gray and very dull day testing my newly acquired Lubitel 2. Russian high tech from the fifties. The nineteen fifties that is.

Unfortunately posting of images is not allowed, please open this URL in your browser:

The negative looks fine. The scanner output was very grayish. Don't know why that is. I'm scanning on a Epson V700. Looking forward to test this film, camera and developer on a sunny day with more natural contrast.

jdef said...

Thanks for posting, Marcel. I've always been curious about those Russian cameras. Your image looks very sharp, with good gradation. If you'd be willing to post an image with film and development info, it might be helpful to some of us, and it's always interesting to see others' work. Thanks again, and have fun with your Lubitel!